What to expect

My training as an integrative counsellor means that I aim to fit my approach to your individual needs. This may involve exploring how patterns of behaviour from your past affect your present life. Understanding how this happens can be an empowering experience. Or you may wish to focus on a specific issue in your life without going into your past.

I aim to create a safe place in which you feel really listened to and all aspects of your life experience are honoured. Counselling provides the opportunity for you to spend dedicated time on yourself, exploring your feelings and perceptions with my support.

The first session

This is a chance for you to see how you feel working with me. I will invite you to tell me what brings you to counselling and to give me some background about your life. I suggest that you then take 24 hours to decide if you want to continue with the counselling.

I work short and long term, typically once a week for a 50-minute session. Cost is £50 with some concessions including NHS.